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Fleet Assistant - Pharr, TX

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Position Summary

  • The Fleet Specialist’s main task is to offer full range of customer service to all clientele by phone, email and fax. This includes but is not limited to handling outgoing and incoming calls. The level of customer service offered should be of the highest quality.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare and revise applications Decus and THB markets (Time-sensitive task)
  • Update carrier submissions & response on EPIC for Decus and THB markets
  • Reserve application PGA and Texcaz markets for renewals – one year in advance
  • Create electronic folders including safer & txdot for renewals – one year in advance
  • Create electronic folders including safer & txdot for new business with 24-hour turnaround
  • Provide Cab Report review to Sales Director 60 days before expiration or with 24-hour turnaround
  • Print physical files and create folder to provide to Fleet Support (A)
  • Create Loss Run Request Letter templates & provide request info to Sales Directors
  • Request and gather loss run from third party sources and current markets 60/45/30 days– (Time-sensitive task)
  • Print loss runs and communicate with Fleet Dept on open items
  • Update Loss Run requests on electronic folders and EPIC (sticky notes)
  • Assist Fleet Manager in gathering expiring policy documents by matching issuance output to files and verify rates.
  • Run driving records and document file when necessary
  • Serve as a back-up for other jobs as necessary
  • Support Fleet Dept by providing helpful information i.e. Answering questions.
  • Work as a liaison between Fleet Dept and agency personnel to ensure the proper flow of requests
  • Seek support and reports directly to Fleet Manager. 


  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Previous experience in insurance industry preferred
  • Possess strong administrative and computing skills, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power Point)
  • Able to work independently and enjoy a high degree of interaction with team members.
  • Self-motivated and driven. Maintain a sense of urgency and ability to work with and meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication, including the ability actively listen, and problem solve with minimal assistance.
  • The ability to multitask, prioritize, work independently, and use discretion surrounding sensitive information.
  • Ability to maintain a professional demeanor and positive attitude